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Mountain Cycle: Chats, warranty and the MTBR forums

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Howdy All,

I thought it might be time to introduce myself and outline a few things about Mountain Cycle and what we aim to do on various forums.

As my sig says, I'm 'G', and I work for Mountain Cycle. I'm not going to bore you with the details but you can read about me by clicking the link down below. The short of it is that I undertake numerous roles at Mountain Cycle as well as act as the Online Co-ordinator. What's that I hear you ask? Let me explain....

Mountain Cycle, for those that do not know, is small, and when I say small I mean it. Less that five people all up running the day to day. As such and for better or worse, that means that people become very busy and things can get lost, especially the online things. That's an issue for us as we like to promote the fact that we interact online quite a bit. So my role is to check the forums and help people along with questions or issues they might have or put them in contact with a person who can help directly. I check things everyday(ish).

We regard the MTBR forums as a (great) place to talk to riders, past, current and prospective of Mountain Cycle products in an informal manner befitting of forums.

If you have a warranty or sales question please log it over at our customer forum at Get Satisfaction, which is currently our official channel for such conversations or you can contact us directly via the Contacts page on our website. We will NO LONGER discuss, address or communicate warranty claims here at MTBR.

All Mountain Cycle staff are always happy to chat about the brand and our products as well offer advice about our bikes or any other MTB related issue when the time is there. As we are busy though, we will filter what we will and will not respond to and as with most forums we will not enter into a dialogue with people out to stir the pot. Our aim is to interact with the wider community in a happy and productive manner not enter slugging fests with those that like to use forums for this purpose.

If you have any question that you don't want to post, please feel free to PM me directly and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I hope that people find what they read here useful and occasionally entertaining, I know we do :)

Thanks for reading and happy riding. :thumbsup:
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Cheers Mate!

Rock on MC!
Mas :D:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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