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Mountain biking podcasts

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I'm looking for a few new podcasts to listen to, what mountain biking podcasts are you listening to?
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Pinkbike have a great podcast. Close to 100 episodes now and a lot of diversity in their content.

Also Downtime - The Mountain Biking Podcast. This one is gravity focused. Some are pre and post race podcasts, but where he shines are his one on one interviews.
JRA (Just Riding Along). It just relaunched a few months ago and it's bliss.
The Adventure Stache (Not all biking)
The Mountain Bike Podcast
Vital MTB (worldwidecyclery podcast)
I really liked The Mountain Biking Podcast with the original hosts. I still think it is good with the new hosts from Worldwide Cyclery, but it's a little different. If you haven't listened, it's almost worth going back to the beginning in 2017.
The Ride Companion, previously named HKT podcast by Davi Birks. Its a podcast with alot of invited guests like Ollie Wilkins, Luca shaw, Danny Hart, Luke buchanan etc.
JRA (Just riding along) if you like salty real talk.

The Pisgah Podcast. Not just for NC folks, it’s good all around.
Inside Line
Bikes and Big Ideas is also frequently interesting.
The Path
MTB podcast
Shut up & build bikes

i stopped listening to Singletracks a few years ago when they kept talking about how suspension kinematics is boring. Maybe they have gotten better lately.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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