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Mountain biking in Switzerland...St. Moritz area

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I will be in Switzerland with the family in August and was looking into doing a ride or two when we're there. We will be staying in and around the St. Moritz area and I was surfing the net looking for trails info. I found some interesting trails that fit my criteria (moderately difficult, moderate climbs and about 16-20 mile loops). I am however having a difficult time finding good rental shops in the area. Does anyone have any info on where one can rent good quality XC bikes? I found that has rental info but I was hoping to be able to rent something nicer. Any suggestions most appreciated. Thanks.
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When during August will you be in Switzerland. I live in Switzerland. Basel to be exact. About 180 miles from St. Moritz. I am a South African and my best riding buddy is an American from Pittsburgh who also lives in Basel. Unfortunately I'll be away on the Canary Islands for the first two weeks in August. Great mountain biking I believe and also full range of Specialized bikes to rent, including Epics. But if you find your way to our side of the country, (Switzerland is no bigger than some states) we'd be happy to take you out for a ride. There is some pretty good riding 10 minutes out of the city.

Anyway, to answer your question, there is a large dealership called Transa Bikes with branches all over the place. They are the Cannondale agents in Switzerland among others. I phoned a branch nearby and asked if they rent out bikes. I was told they do at times. Probably bikes that have been traded in. I don't think they have a branch in St. Moritz but you cold give them a try.

Also found this link for you. Unfortunately only phone numbers.

Enjoy your vacation,
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Check with Ripzalot over on Passion. He rides in that area often. He might have some info.
Try and maybe .

Don't expect to much though…..rental bikes are usually not of the best quality here in CH unless you go to places like Scuol or other popular bike parks (my experience). Never biked around St. Moritz but it's said to be good……….

Well if you're ever in the Montreux area let us know and we will show you some of the best trails around…….

Have a good stay in Switzerland!

Thanks for everyone's input...

I found out that we will also be in the Lower Engedine area, Ardez to be exact very close to Scuol so I will check it out along with the St. Moritz area. Thanks again. ;)
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