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I am looking for recommendations for a guided MTB/XC tour in Europe this summer for a honeymoon trip. Also open to being based in one area with good trails and accomodations.

We are fairly flexible, but would prefer something near the alps, with some nice accomodations (although a few hut nights are ok too). One advanced and one intermediate rider. We are seeking interesting and challenging trails that are also safe and relatively maintained. English speaking guides preferred.

Timeframe would be around July as we would also like to catch a stage or two of the Tour.
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If you don't mind TE, I'm gonna strap hang on your thread as it's question the same as mine. I'm also looking for an MTB tour company in the Alps area (Bavarian, Swiss, Italian) for this coming spring/summer. TIA for the recommendations.
Have you looked at the PDS (Portes du Soleil) region of France?

I've been researching this for a while and a group of us (5) are booked at a place in Chatel France in August. Our hosts are a British couple who run a bed and breakfast type accommodation geared towards bikers/skiers depending on the season. We found the prices to be fantastic and went with these people. They will also shuttle you back and forth to Geneva airport.

The area has 12 resorts linked by a chairlift network, and is supposedly quite vast. I'm really looking forward to it! :thumbsup:

This is the place:

Check out Livigno, Italy -
Highly recommend.
Maybe have a look at this trip

2 weeks in the Alps near Morzine, stunning area, beautiful chalet, trip running mid-July, catching a stage of the Tour De France etc. etc. Looks like it fits the bill perfectly.

The guys that run the trip are English and Australian, and have lived and worked in the Alps for a few years, and run a special trip like this each year.

The Portes du Soleil region is definitely a great recommendation!

If you have a GPS unit, this link will be a great starting point:

You also mentioned a guided mtb trip. The homepage has links to endlessride and flowmtb, both of which seem to do guided mtb trips of varying difficulty.

Here's a link to some PDS trip pictures for inspiration (dive into the MTB and Misc subfolders):

We stayed at the Chalet Les 4 Vents in Morzine as a base for the PDS region; excellent views of the Morzine valley, close enough to the restaurants, far enough away to unwind.

One of the best things about the area is that all the resorts are interconnected by lifts and trails, so you can pretty much take your pick of where to stay, and easily lift surf and ride the entire area, guided or not. If self-guiding, the GPS tracks loaded into google earth are a great way to become familiar with the terrain, and I found the area very well signed and easy to navigate.

Have a great time!
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Hi thereI

I can't give you any advises about organized trips but I can highly recommend Engadin, a southern part of Switzerland, where you find a lot of good infrastructure(hotels, appartmens,cabins , huts, campings etc...). There are plenty of little villages where I'm sure it's easy to find accomodation( Pontrsina, St.Moritz, Samedan, Bever).There are tons of trails , some smooth, some easy, others challenging and heavy.You can use cable cars or others cabins? to get up the mountains or you do it with muscle power. The landscape is awesome and the people there are the most friendliest in whole Switzerland (I'm not from this part:-( ) Everything you need is to buy a good map( or check this site for gps data:
I'm sure with little effort you would also find some guides showing you the nice spots.
Beside this there are a lot of possibilities for hiking, shopping (St.Moritz) or going to Italy (only 1/2h drive).
Because this regions is pretty high, you will have good conditions in summer. This part of Switzerland has 330 Days of sun a year.....
Ok, enogh commercial, check it out and see. If needed I could give you some gps Data and tour advices....

best regards

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thanks for the recommendations..
Verbier - perfect base

Hi You may want to check out Verbier the riding is awesome with descents going from 3,300m to 700m views are simply breathtaking, picture postcard wherever you look.

It's also a good base for trips to Italy and France so you can experience a variety of different trails in different countries. To give you an idea of how good it is I came here for 6 weeks last summer, I've now moved here to set up my own mountain bike holiday company. If your coming in July - I'd come from mid to end July - dip into August if you can. You'll not only get the biking but a music festival and national Swiss Day which is good fun.
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