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Hi, I am from Hong Kong and I have been working as a ski instructor for 2 winter seasons in Switzerland (1 in Verbier and 1 in St. Moritz) and 1 winter season in New Zealand, I have an EU citizenship, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Event Management. I am planning to move to Switzerland with my wife for long-term instead of just winter, so I am now looking for off season jobs. I speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English fluently but I do not speak French, German or Italian.

I have noticed some of the ski resorts in Switzerland turn into a mountain biking parks in summer, and I am interested in picking up mountain biking. If I like it, I will consider taking trainings and become a coach/ guide and ideally I can make a living. I cycle a lot on flat roads in Hong Kong but I have never tried mountain biking.

I have zero knowledge about the mountain biking industry and there is little information online, especially in Europe. Here are a few of my questions. Hopefully I can have someone who is already working in the industry to answer my questions.

1.Can you make a living working as a mountain biking coach/ guide?

2.What is the approximate salary for an entry level coach/ guide?

3.Is it possible to find mountain biking coach/ guide jobs if I only speak English and Chinese? I want to start learning the local language after I decide which area of Switzerland I settle.

4.I have seen there are high seasons and low seasons for mountain biking too, just like Skiing. Do you get paid when there is no work?

5.Do you need a qualification to work as a mountain biking coach/ guide? If yes, which one should I get to work in Switzerland?

6.As my wife is probably going to work in big cities like Geneva and Lausanne and I will work on the mountain, we plan to find an accommodation lies in the middle between the big city and the mountain so we can both commute for a reasonable duration, I will consider buying a car if needed, not sure if this will work.

7.I hold a Permit L when I work as a ski instructor in Switzerland, I assume it is the same for a mountain biking coach/ guide. Is it possible to live in Switzerland for long-term like this? How the tax and insurance work?

8.As I might not come to Switzerland this winter due to the coronavirus, where would you suggest to learn mountain biking in Hong Kong or China? I will consider nearby countries like Vietnam, Philippines as well.

Thanks very much!
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