An unlikely combination meet in Mexico this March

TORONTO - Remember those Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ads in the 80s? Much like the implausible duo of peanut butter and chocolate, yoga and mountain biking might not, at first, seem a good fit. After all, most mountain bikers are after that sweet rush of adrenaline, while yoga practictioners are looking for calm and groundedness.

Award-winning mountain bike adventure company Sacred Rides thinks otherwise. They're blazing a new trail in mountain bike tourism with their latest fusion: a Yoga and Mountain Bike Retreat in Mexico where you can challenge your body on the trail and then stretch it all out on the mat - strengthening both body and mind in the process.

"I've been practicing yoga for 6 years and it's the perfect complement to my riding," says company president Mike Brcic. "Not only does it limber me up and prepare me for a tough ride, it helps me develop focus and balance, which makes me a better mountain biker. I've been meeting more and more people in the mountain bike community who also practice yoga."

Sacred Rides' head mountain bike instructor Johanna Weintrager will lead the retreat, along with local guide Alejandro Macias. Weintrager is also a certified yoga teacher, qualified to teach vinyasa, power and hot yoga. "We're going to start each day at sunrise with an invigorating session on the beach, " says Weintrager, "then head out on the trails and work on our mountain bike skills. At the end of the day, we'll finish up with a relaxing sunset yoga session. I'm pretty excited about bringing together my two passions!"

The weeklong retreat includes accommodation at beachside cabins on a spectacular private beach north of Puerto Vallarta, 3 gourmet meals every day, daily mountain bike rides and instruction, 2 yoga sessions and other optional activities such as surfing and hiking. Extras include an evening at an eco-hacienda in the mountains and time volunteering with a local community project.

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Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures is North America's leading mountain bike adventure operator, recently ranked "#1 mountain bike tour operator on Earth" by National Geographic Adventure.

Their singletrack-based adventures take place in spectacular locations around the world; each trip involves extensive interaction with local communities, and a percentage of trip costs supports local community projects that riders get to visit and experience. Local guides guide each adventure and local suppliers are used whenever possible.
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source: Mike Brcic, president/owner
Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures