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;) Just a reminder in case someone has missed hearing about it ....

Well, as usual I am doing another fundraiser this year. This year I am putting on a mountain bike festival up near Lake Fontana. It will take place on July 21st-23rd and all proceeds will benefit The Mountain Community School Bicycle Club.

For those of you that are not familiar with the club, these are a bunch of kids getting the best of motivation from their Principal, Chad Hamby, and from a group of wonderful volunteers. These volunteers take the kids out mountain biking where they learn how to traverse obstacles, how to treat the trails and environment with respect, and how to safely ride their bikes. In order to participate, the students must maintain good grades and must not have any recent disciplinary actions. As a result, grades are up and the kids are behaving. It is truly a fantastic program!

Our fundraiser will be called Fontana Fest and will include a wide variety of events such as group rides to Tsali and Fontana trails, mountain bike games and contests, live music, camping and a cookout. There will be prizes from Hayes Disc Brake, Maxxis Tires, Sycamore Cycles, Schampa, and others.

:thumbsup: Registration for the event is $30 and includes:
  • Event T-shirt
  • Pint Glass
  • Goody Bag
  • Camping
  • Live Music
  • Cookout on Saturday

:D If you would like to learn more about the event, please visit the event Web site here:

;) To donate, visit the donations page here:

:cool: If you would like to participate in the event, visit the registration page here:

If you have any questions, please give me a call at (828) 697-4028 or (828) 699-4069.

Thank you!
Darrin S. Tinsley


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Q&A From Early Registrants

I am looking forward to seeing everyone next Friday at Fontana Fest! This is just a reminder to go ahead and get registered. Not only does it help us prepare, but it saves you a $5 late fee!

Some last minute questions and answers:

Q) I would rather not provide my credit card information online. Is there any other way to pre-register and avoid the late fee?

A) Yes. If you prefer not to provide your credit card info online, let me know and I will help you out with other options.

Q) I won't be able to get there until Saturday. Is this OK? Can someone else pick up my registration package for me?

A) It is no problem if you cannot get there until Saturday. We will hang on to your package until you arrive, or you can specify a person to pick it up for you.

Q) I am not a camping person. Do I have to stay at the campground?

A) No. You are not required to stay at the campground. Some of our participants are staying at a local motel.

Q) My girlfriend and I are coming together. Can we register as a family and save $10?

A) Yes. As long as you are sharing a tent together or are not tent camping. The Family Registration was created to provide a cost break to couples as well as families with kids.

Q) I noticed that the campground is a biker campground. Is the campground reserved just for the festival, or will we be shring it with bikers?

A) We have the entire Western point of the campground for the festival (the campground is triangular in shape). The only area that we will have to share will be the bath house.

Also, I looked on the campground's website to see what kind of reservations have been made and I don't see much at all. For example, of the two RV sites that are reserved one of them is mine. None of the cabins have been reserved nor has the bunkhouse.

All that said, it looks like we will pretty much have the place to ourselves!

If anyone else has questions, please let me know. Thanks, and we will see you at the festival!!!
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