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I have been real bad about getting the word out on this one, But ODF has set aside 11.5 sq mi of the Tillamook State Forest for the construction of more challenging and difficult trails. The intent is to make a network of sustainable trails that will be everything from technical XC to "all Mountain" to double black diamond Freeride. Its not going to be a dedicated Freeride park, but it will have a very strong freeride and DH element to it. Currently about 1/2mile of the 1st "demonstration" trail has been cut. This trail will be a slow yet very technical XC type trail that will be approx 1.5miles long, but there will be log rides, several small drops and a few jumps. As this type of endevour is rather new the the Forsest Grove Dist of the ODF there is still alot of planning and set up work that is going on on the ODF side. It is mainly a volunteer driven project, as ODF has limited time and man power resources. If you would like to help out with the construction of this trail please feel free to come out to the next build day, it will be held on 12/3 at 10am at the storey burn trail head on the north side of HWY 6. This makes build day #4, and we have been having build days about every other week (as long as the trail isnt too muddy to work on. For more info or if you want to let us know you are coming please visit and post in the MTB Area 1 forum. All are welcome and we have a good base of riders from all different riding styles. Everyone involved so far is super passionate about this project and we always welcome new faces.

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