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Not sure this is the correct place to post this, but I will give it a shot. I am looking for an old issue of Mountain Bike Magazine, December 1991 to be specific. My wife was on the front cover of this issue and I am trying to find a copy to surprise her with for her birthday, she lost her one and only copy. Does anyone know where I can find one or have a copy I could get my hands on one?
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Lemme check my collection when I get home from vacation.

When's the birthday?
Did you try contacting the magazine directly?
You could contact First Flight Bicycles, they may have a copy.

We probably have the issue but not any extras. I don't want to start scanning in stuff for every request but that is a pretty cool story. I could scan in the cover for you if that would help.
link to that issue cover and some others
just found this randomly on flickr (via google image)..not sure if this guy is connected with the magazine or just has moniker 'mountainbikeaction'
several other early 90's scans & covers in his stream

is she the blonde or brunette???


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richieb said:
Lemme check my collection when I get home from vacation.

When's the birthday?
March 27th is the day. Everyone thanks for the suggestions, I think a cover would do since I not believe she had any pictures in the magazine. I would ask her about other photos inside the magzine but I am trying to make it a surprise. I gues I can call my mother in law, she might know.

First Flight, if you could scan the cover that would be awsome, I could get that framed for her. The image on Flickr wont let me save it and I am hoping I can get a better resolution image from you. :thumbsup:

She is the blonde, the cover picture was taken up in Big Bear.
The male rider on the left is Pat Follett of Team Big Bear. The woman in the back is Jennifer Kun, wife of Dick Kun, CEO of Snow Summitt.
Makes sense, my wife worked at Snow Summit for a long time and appeared in a few of the Snow Summit adds as well.
I'm positive I have that issue at home. I arrive back from vacation tonight, and it's one of he issues I'm preparing to list on eBay.

If you want it, I'll keep it aside for you.

I definitely want it, let me know and I will work something out with you since you are planning on selling it.
I'm 99% positive I have it as well.

If Richie doesn't happen to have it, let me know.
Yup, I have it. I'd give in a 7.5/10, with some wear on the cover, and some clean tape holding the spine together. PM me if you want scans.
Off Topic, but in December 1991 what were "The 10 Greatest Mountain Bikes Of All Time!"?? and how do they compare to our current thinking??
i'll be a manitou gets a mention on the list...IIRC (it was 20 years ago so memory could be wrong)
1 Schwinn Excelsior
2 Joe Breeze;s Breezer
3 Specialized's Stumpjumper
4 Fisher Procaliber
5 Klein Aluminum
6 Mantis XCR
7 Slingshot
8 Manitou
9 Merlin Titanuim
10 Nishiki Alien

Honorable Mentions - Fat Chance, Cunningham, SE Shocker, Yeti FRO, Ritchey P-23, Fisher Mt. Tam, Bridgestone MB-0 - I assume these were the best of the bikes made by people and companies not on the MBA Payroll, and not advertising with MBA at the time.
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Thats right....Slingshot!
Rumpfy said:
Thats right....Slingshot!
You're damn right!
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