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Most Affordable DH/FR Bike?

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Im fairly new to the DH/FR scene...... been riding a pos Trek Y-33 that was a hand me down from my cousin.....Bike is too big for me as I am only 5' 7" tall..and he's 6'2". What would be your recommendations? I am looking at the $400 mark. Have been considering an iron horse maverick....any thoughts on those? THanks.
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Keep saving don't blow it on a cheap bike. Save up a little more then get a decent bike like in the $1000 range. But you can pick up decent hardtails, you just gotta find the right deal. Look for used hardtails. Banshee Morphines, Norco the usual suspects.

Can there really be a safe frdh bike on the market?I think that 1500 would be the starting point for full suspension?
Around 1300ish new for a full squish.

400 will get you a decent used hardtail. 400 MIGHT buy you a full squish frame.

Save up around 800 to 1000, buy a used Kona Stinky. Real solid bikes, you get a lot for your money.
you could probably score a used big hit for around 900 or so...
Save up a little more, get a used bike in the 800-1200 range...
Right brand, wrong frame. Look at the IH Yakuza's.
Save up around 800 to 1000, buy a used Kona Stinky. Real solid bikes, you get a lot for your money
Good call, basically what I just did. Paid $600cdn for a 5" Stinky and about another $300 on a full service, should be a nice ride.
Affordable and Dh/fr bike used in the same sentance..............:nono: lol
I would not bother looking at anything less than $1500.......dude, you are a big guy, cheap is not going to cut it. sorry
What about a Giant AC? I can get one for $1000 and Id be using it mostly for dirtjumping and screwing around downtown and maybe some dual slalom racing.
you might want to look into a YETI 303 dh
The problem with buying a budget freeride bike is that it ends up costing more in the long run, and you don't end up with a better bike. I could see getting a deal on a trail type bike that may be a little heavy and un sofisticated.

If I could get a cheap freeride bike, that's what I and many of the members on here would be riding. Cheap stuff often breaks.

When I started mtbing, I bought a Haro Escape hardtail for $350. Within a year I had dumped another $1000 on it and it still wasn't a great bike.
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