Dialed bike storage is something every bike enthusiast can use these days. Whether it's a tight condo space or a sprawling garage, the cyclist with many bikes often wrestles with storing bikes. Most folks simply stack bikes against each other and that works for a while but like all things, there is a better way and dialing it in can improve one's enjoyment of the sport.

In our view, there are three critical considerations for bike storage.
  1. Compactness and efficiency - One of the main goals of bike storage is to maximize space optimize the number of bikes that can be stored. So novel solutions for storing the most number of bikes in the least amount of space is desirable. After all, almost every cyclist lusts over owning many bikes. The two constraints are usually budget and available storage space.
  2. Ease of use - One should be able to store the bike easily. Conversely, taking out a particular bike in the stable should not require reorganizing the garage as well. Bikes are getting bigger and heavier now so pulley systems, elevated stacks are not the most desirable. The least effort and time to store and remove a bike are desirable.
  3. Finally, the bikes need to be kept safe scratch-free - Believe it or not, significant damage can be caused by bike storage. Storing them outside exposes them to the harsh sun and elements. Stacking them inside will inevitably lead to scratches as the pedals and components scratch the beautiful frames of these machines.
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Mossy Cog Designs has a solution for this need with the TS-4 'Tight Stack' rack. It is a 4-rack system that can be expanded to hold 5 or 6 bikes. It is a U.S. made solution made of galvanized steel available for $375 shipped. It requires assembly and it's built to hold bikes up to 50 lbs each and a total of 175 lbs for a 4-rack system.

What's exciting about this rack is it's very compact and easy to use. They've applied good engineering to enable the main head unit to tilt left to right and rotate about 90 degrees. The left-to-right tilt allows one to access any bike easily. The rotating head enables the bike to hold its position when tilted and more importantly, gets the handlebars out of each other's way for a very tight stack.

It's a novel solution that really makes sense when seen in action so make sure you see the video above.

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  • Very compact and one of the tightest stacks available
  • Bikes are easy to access since each bike tilts and swivels to get out of the way
  • Easy to get the bikes on and off since it uses a front wheel mount where minimal lifting is required
  • Bikes are kept safe from each other
  • Easy to lock the bikes together with such a tight stack
  • Steel construction and hardware seem very sound.
  • Rotating head is patented
  • US made with local source so can ship and scale up quickly

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  • The galvanized steel is unpainted so it has an unfinished look
  • Assembly required (much like Ikea assembly) as it comes in a very compact box
  • Some sharp edges on the metal arms
  • Doesn't fit fenders and fat bikes. Kids bikes need an adjustable arm

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Bottom Line:
We are delighted to see this engineering solution from a U.S. company. Construction and design are excellent as it really is a unique, patented product with a unique solution for a common problem. Customer support is good too as their knowledge is deep and they'll take back a rack if issues after purchase arise.

MSRP: $375 shipped
Buy: Mossy Cog Designs | Bike Racks