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Hey all,

First off, if I am out of place, please let me know.

A buddy I work with at my shop recently took a nasty spill at the end of 3rd Divide on Wednesday up at Dville, ended up breaking his shoulder blade. No riding for 6 months, and a sling for 6 weeks. The shop has cut his hours back since he can't really wrench, so he has decided to sell/part out his bike to make ends meet. Here's the Craiglist ad he posted. The bike is in stupid nice condition, we always ragged on him cause he had such a dope bike but never rode it, he even rents bikes at Downieville cause he doesn't want to beat his bike :madman:

He's a super cool guy so feel free to give him shout, ask for pics and what not.

Thanks for any help,
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