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1. Coyote Run trail at bottom of Rock It, in the interior and north area of the park
2. view from Telonics trail looking east down Lag Canyon Road. The green is the dog park and bottom of Direct Dial. Some trails are visible on the green hillside
Faintly visible further east through the haze of smog is the Santa Ana mountains in the background
3. Carla on the beach in Laguna. Abundance of shale rock makes the trails in the area unique and challening, and coves along south orange county beaches very scenic
4. Another photo along Coyote Run before climbing back up "Cholla" trail to the fireroad. Trails drop down from the fireroad on both the laguna canyon and interior (Aliso Woods) side of the park
5. Carved into one of the sandstone rock drops on Telonics


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Welcome Back

Looking at the thermo on the back porch and seeeing 12 deg F this morning made me miss some things about SoCal... :D

Looks like you had a good time, hope the visit with the fam was a great one.
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