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More travel from a Totem and Totem rebound issue.

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First, is there a modification that can be done to get more travel from a totem? A friend of mine bought his totem online from a bike shop, the shop asked if he wanted some extra travel from it, he agreed and it now appears his fork has more travel then the totem coil fork I own and the totem air fork that another friend owns. The stanchions on his modified totem stick out from the lowers at least 20mm+ more than mine. I searched online and didn't find any info regarding this?

My other problem is with the totem rebounding and making a loud "clang" or metal on metal type sound. It happens when I compress the fork to jump or compress the fork to help lift the front wheel. When it rebounds it makes that awful metal on metal sounding noise. I've tried playing with different rebound setting but it doesn't do anything? Can it have anything to do with oil viscosity or maybe even amount of oil? The fork is a coil version.
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The noise could be the spring rattling inside.Not to sure if it is topping out.Dont know if they have a top out bumper built in to them.Mine dont make any noise.

I have never heard of the travel modification.I think they had possibly been reduced with spacers before and they just removed this to allow full 180mm travel.Measure how much stanchion is showing from the top of the seal to the arch.
Try doing a service of the mission control and rebound damper

Here is a link to the sram service video

Hopefull this should sort out your dead rebound

With regards to the extra travel, can you post a picture of the modifiyed fork being taller than yours? ive never heard of a travel mod except for the 2 step totem, which was plagued with problems
Like norcosam said, that's a 180mm fork. Some people do run travel reducers though to make it 160mm or even lower. Perhaps the one he bought came with reducers in and the shop just took them out to give him full travel.
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