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More Snow?!

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there calling for 4-6 tonight and 3-5 tomorrow night here in williamsport.... here i thought after friday we were set for all this white stuff to be gone!
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And March brings blizzards... ;)
My wife has finally stopped laughing at me. Friday afternoon I put the ski-rack on the car that she got me last Sept. Looks like I'll get a chance to use it, yet.
Same here in Western Pa. Last week the inch think layer of ice that covered the trails finally melted. We got out for a sloppy wet mud ride on Thursday, but we were out there!.

This weekend it got cold again & froze the ground and I had the best ride Ive had since early Dec.

as I look out the window there's an inch of new snow on the ground
good winter for fatbikes in PA, I still hope we don't get a bunch of snow...
We got slammed, looking out the window there's at least 6-8 inches allready, and more to come, heading out to do cleanup now.:madmax:
4" so far in Danville but still snowing.
Looks like 5+ so far in Bloom, still coming down....
More snow

Hazleton had about 6" around 5:30am when I left for work. GF called at 8 and said it was still coming down. Yuk.
I'm heading out to a local place in an hour or so to see if my XC skis still work. :^)
We got off easy. There was an inch last night but its mostly gone now
jeffw-13 said:
We got off easy. There was an inch last night but its mostly gone now
Don't think we got anything except a little freezing rain around West Chester. Forecast calls for 2-4" tonight...:thumbsup: I'm not ready to put the snowboard away yet!
At least I'm getting a lot of use out of my Snowshoes, spent most of the day on Sunday at the Moon walking the trails.:thumbsup:
Just got in from 3 hours at Nescopeck SP, doing the kick-glide thing. Woof I'm tired but it was a great time.

Magical winter moments under the snow-heavy pine trees laying 1st tracks on the trail by the creek. There's a haiku in there somewhere, gotta noodle on that...
I love mountain biking but it's been great XC/BC sking for the last 7 weeks. Our snow is melted down here in Reading and I actually rode bike on Mt. Penn on Sunday but on Saturday took the time to drive north to Delano with a buddy to XC ski for 4.5 hrs around the Lofty Reservoir area. Something about the kick & glide rhythm and and sliding sound in the white silent woods makes me love it!
Ski On!
We ended up getting about 6 inches here in Pittsburgh. Seems like just last week it was in the 60's. Oh wait, it was...
wyatt79m said:
...and now there's 7" on the ground :lol: :madman:
Never knew this snow was coming. I was set for a bike ride either tomorrow or Wednesday, but that's canceled now; going snowboarding instead :)

Snow or no, there's still lots to do in W. PA.
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