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There are several ads for road bikes posted in the MTBR classifieds. I'm sure most of you here aren't naive enough to fall for these, but you just never know. I've already alerted MTBR about it so hopefully they'll be cancelled. Here are the ads in question:
86990 - A $7000 Ti Litespeed Ghisallo w/ Dura-Ace for $680!
86988 - A Seven Axiom Ti for $500!
86919 - Merlin Ti road bike for $325
86914 - S-Works E5 road bike for $325
86912 - Vintage Cinelli road bike for $350

Now granted, I don't have any PROOF that these are scams, but come on, a Dura-Ace equipped Ghisallo for $680? And in a couple of the ads he's from the state of NY, in the country of Romania.
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