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As I find myself back working in an office enviroment again where, due to current market conditions, the mortgage business is a tad bit slow; I have more time to paroos several forums on mtbr and bistow to others the knowlage that 5 years of working in the bike industry and 15 years of trolling this website have provided me with. :D

As I look out my office window, and watch yet another storm system roll through downtown Seattle, I take a moment to refelct back to "when was the last time I rode my mountain bike?". That's when I realize that it's been so long ago that I can't even remember it clearly. I know that I rode a small trail system near my house just to get back a little bit of that awesome feeling of riding in the woods; but the date is so far back that I think it was either spring of 2010 or late summer/early fall 2009. Either way, it was a long a$$ time ago:eek:

Why so long? Glad you asked! Because of the turn to the south pole that the economy took these past few years, I had to make a shift from one gainful job, to 5 part time jobs!! (Transit Operator, Charter Bus driver, translater/interpreter, Handyman, bike shop sales). Needless to say, time was at a premium. I basically was ever home only with enough time to eat, shower, check a couple emails, and sleep. That's been my life for the most part of the past 2 1/2 years. The mountain bikes gathered far more dust than dirt, and I barely had some free time to ride my road bike. Because this city is so bike friendly, riding my road bike was easier and quicker since I could just do it straight from my front door and didn't lose any ride time to driving to a trail head. But alas, time even constrained how often I could do that so it wasn't done that often either :madman:

Fast forward to the begining of this year and the times they are a changing. Got a new full time job, which afords me more time to chat with you fine folks:p but more importantly, I was able to quit 2 part time jobs (Charter bus driver & interpreter/translater). Now, I'm reaching the end of my time as a transit operator. Suddenly, I realized that I can start planing more rides, both road and mountain. I'll still work at the bike shop on the weekends but they are cool about understanding that a man sometimes has to go ride!:thumbsup:

So, the game plan as far as riding is to bike commute to work at least twice a week (8+ miles; hills at both ends) on my current road bike 2004 Raleigh Professional (steel baby):thumbsup: The frame is starting to show signs of ware and tare, and I love that bike too much to ride it to it's death, so It will be re-assigned for long solo training rides only and next month we'll get a 2011 Specialized Secteur Comp Compact and make that the commuter. <img src=$Display$>
And since the hard economic times force the sale of all three mountain bikes, we'll immediately start saving up for the newest member to the family a Specialized Stumpjumper FSX Expert 29er <img src=$Display$>
If all works out well, all the bike commuting and long weekend road rides will get my legs back in shape for racing on the Velodrome (bike already sitting in the stable) and some epic mtb'ing.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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