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This is kind of specific to my particular wheel and tire set up. I bought a bike that has Easton EA70 wheels and Vee Rubber Vee Eight tires. How tubeless friendly are they? Another question I have is related to tire pressure. I'm 360 lbs right now so what approximate pressure is a good starting point? According to The Stan's web page you divide your weight by 7. Well that puts it at 51 psi.馃槼

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You are really big for mountain biking, but KUDOS for getting into a sport where it requires a lot of exercise. If you stick with it you won't be that weight very long. Work on getting your spin going.

You're going to severely stress your equipment, especially wheels and any suspension. But you can make it work I am pretty sure, I'd try what you have, but ride as smooth as you can and avoid drops and bumps if possible. If your wheels taco, get a heavy set made or look for some used ones that are strong. I have a set if you want 26" disk that are way heavier than my dad needs, just was on the bike he got used.

I think the PSI guidelines sound about right for your weight. It seems really high but you're quite frankly a big load. Suggest the Clydesdale forum for big folks, tons of great info there I'm sure.
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