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more oregon jumps- post canyon

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Just got back from post canyon today. Chris J. and I drove up yesterday and hooked up with rex, yesterday, and today we rode with kurt and travis. epic up there right now real fun lots of air time logged by all. I took some photos of some of the big jump line and the barn door area. The shots are:
1- chris Jordan no hander after barn door
2-chris jordan no hander big gap
3- Kurt Vories table
4- Kurt boosting Chris on the lip
5 Rex HiGH chris on the lip


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I'll be there in a month. Can't freaking wait.

Thanks for posting those. Serious respect for the work done up there.
Does the FAA know about this? Made me have a bowel movement in my britches
That is flipping huge .
where's all the backfilps? what about some blood at least. i got a feeling Jordan is going to bust a big one soon.
I recomend getting some pillows and duct tape on those trees... looks kinda dangerous for potential tree hugging sessions.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: that place rawks :cornut:

I haven't been there yet THIS YEAR ! gotta go, gotta go, gotta go now
I will quit work next time so I don't miss out on a session like that again. Way to send it fellas. We'll make up for it tomorrow SCA with some serious speed.
some of the coolest pics i've seen in a while!!
Near Hood River, OR.

Hopefully I'll be up there in a few weeks... I think I'll need to borrow a squish... Don't think I can send it on a hardtail...
If you're good enough to be sending those jumps.....A hardtail will work for you. Just don't make any mistakes. I know fools are sending the top jump on a hardtail, probably the others too.
thats just a wee bit scary. dam that stuff is huge
damn, they've been working...looks like I'm due for another trip to Hood River!
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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