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Moral Support Hadley style

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I just need obsessive mountain bike part buying support. . .

Already have a 20mm Blue Chris King on my bike up front and just picked up a rear red Hadley for a price I couldn't pass up. (running a nearly junked rhinolite / deore wheel on the back at the moment)

As lame as I am publicly announcing myself to be, I think some of you will understand my dilemna.

Keep the blue King up front and run the red Hadley in the rear, laced up to some Flows, or buy a red Hadley to match for up front. Haha, I know, not a bad position to be in with Hubs. (I'm f%cking broke now)

Stupid colors. Should have stuck to all black or silver :D
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Do you run matching tires front and rear?
Nope. Maxxis Ardent 2.4 up front, Conti Mountain King 2.4 in back (a narrow 2.4 at that)
Hubs therefore don't need to match.
Haha, Seems it would be a waste of cash and too much concern for coordination. Thanx! Coming from a wheelbuilder I feel better. BEER!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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