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Mooto X Fork Travel, 80mm or 100mm?

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I got ahold of a very very lightly used Mooto X second hand after about a year of searching for something within the budget I was accumulating and am absolutely loving it. Setup included an '08 F29 currently set up with 100mm of travel. I've got the spacer to bring it down to 80mm consistent with Moots recommendations (frame is an '07 19"). Kassi at Moots said it'll perform best with 80mm but it looks like a number of people are running 100mm with their F29 or Reba.

Lookin' to get a discussion going here about how the different travel lengths affect the feel of the Mooto X. A post from '08 said the 100mm felt more sprightly while others were runnin' 80mm and swear by it. I'll probably make the switch and see for myself but I'm lookin' to tap into the collective Moots community knowledge and see what people have set up. Running the Moots as my quick XC, XC race, and enduro bike. I typically go with the specs and recs of the engineers but there seems to be a few differing opinions.

I'm 5'11" and about 170 in the SF Bay Area for reference. I'll be on my Moots at the Boggs 8 hr and hoping to have things figured out by then. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
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Really doesn't matter....or I just can't feel a lot of difference. the 100 will put you a bit more upright, but that could be offset by stem/spacer/bar combo.
I'm exactly your height and weight and have a 19" XYBB. After trying both travel options I've stuck with 100mm. With an 80mm fork the stance is too specifically racy for my taste, I'm more of a day long xc'er. 100mm climbs the steep foothills around LA with no problem and feels much more stable on the downs.
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