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You asked for it! The scoop!

sean350 said:
I caught a glimpse of this on another thread, and instead of hijacking that one, I'm startin' a new one. Here's the link:
So, to Master Shake... get us some freakin' details! Is it rigid? Enquiring minds want to know.
I was busy lusting out loud over the rumored Trimble 29er frame, and wondering what to do about the fork & build. Campy or SS... Well, I almost fell over when I saw the thing. It has a name, but they wouldn't tell me what it is. Fsp is online a bit, and he did tell me not to blab the materials & construction, which is probably the coolest thing about it, so I won't. But here's everything else I did find see!

- There is machining. And it is good. Signature Moonhead. Curves upon curves upon curves.
- Two different crown offsets: 44mm & 37mm
- The most sculpted QR dropouts I've ever seen
- The sturdiest fork blades I've ever seen
- All disc
- Don't know about production weights, but they had a pre-suspension geometry 26" unit for one of their racers to ride. It was concealed under rattlecan black, and it weighed little over a pound.
- They were designed to handle the longest possible geometry, it'd likely go on, which they figured was 5in 29", and are tuning them for other lengths.
- They're going to be mostly made to order regarding axle to crown length & steerer size, with a couple of the more common sizes on hand in qty.
- Paint is extra. Natural looked pretty friggin awesome, but a custom painted Trimble and matching fork is going to be hard to resist.

Also, there was a box of broken crowns and dropouts covering *most* of a drawing which showed a very unusual short travel looking upside-down suspension version w/a thru axle. That was all I saw of it, and I couldn't get them to talk about it, so who knows. There are some really really wild things going on in that shop. They're expanding and getting ready to move in a week or so, (current place is aparrently not condusive to making cranksets), so there was a lot boxed & absent, and I didn't see much else. Just these forks and a whole lot of chainrings.

I work for a larger company, and there's not a lot of places around here to visit that are doing work to get this excited about, so it's pretty cool to be able to bother them once in a while. As much as I wish thier stuff was available already, they're quick to defend taking their time... Now I know how some of you coasters felt getting to peek in on your favorite builders from time to time.

Thats alls I gots. If Fsp will let me get some photos for you guys, maybe you guys can get a sneak peek.
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