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Here are some possibilities copied from this website: You kind of have to dig deep in the website to find the copied text below. Report back if you go. I've always been curious about this area, as well (I'll be driving past it in a couple of weeks. I'll be with my girlfriend, so, its mostly a "hiking" vacation).

The La Sal and Abajo Mountains Epics Galore
Singletrack trails in the La Sal Mountains are consistently extremely difficult and challenge even the most experienced rider. If you are looking for super mountain difficulty, then the La Sals have more than their share. We offer a singletrack in the Abajo Mountains, however, that is the very best anywhere in the United States and not quite as "get off and walk" as the La Sals. Both ranges offer connecting routes that can be combined for more mileage than you would ever want.

Group maximum size: 4 experts.
Surfaces: Singletrack, 4WD track, gravel, loose rock, hard pack, loam, rocky ledges, stream bed, sand.
Distances: 10 to 55
Attractions: Abundant wildlife, beautiful views, cool forests, water, bike camping.

Trails: Aspen Flat, Moonlight Meadow, Warner Lake options, La Sal Loop, Miners Basin, Burro Pass, La Sal Pass, Sheepherder's Heaven, Indian Creek, Shay Mountain, Elk Ridge, Beef Basin, The Seven Sisters, and many more.

In winter and early spring Dreamride offers backcountry ski tours in the La Sals and the Abajos.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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