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Montague Folding Bike

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I already have a Trek Fuel Ex8 29, Stump Jumper 27.5, and Diverge gravel bike. One thing they all have in common is all of these bikes require a truck bed, full size van, bike rack, etc. Often when traveling I get in a situation where I wish I'd brought a bike with me. Truck beds are open as are bike racks leading to theft or vandalism, large van not currently an option. I recently stumbled across Montague Folding bikes and wonder if anyone has tried one.

The Paratrooper Highline or Elite looks interesting. Would be nice if the would stick with the Shimano two ring front derailleur. Noticed they also make a belt drive Allston road bike that also looks interesting, too bad the belt drive wasn't an option for the Paratrooper mountain bike. Prices are high for the top of the line and obviously much better parts could be used, the weight seems reasonable.

The idea that I can stick a bike in the back of my Jeep away from prying eyes and know that if I find an interesting trail while traveling I have a bike to ride is something I find worth looking into.

I also saw a few really cheap folding bikes, some even full suspension, but the Montague seems to be highly rated.

Anyone have any advice?
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Situations like you describe are cases where I'll just find a bike to rent, rather than deal with a substandard folding mtb.

IMO, folders do better for urban types, and for non-mtb purposes. Like commuting. You need it to fold because you do a multimodal commute and space is limited. Or storage space at work or in your apartment is limited.

If I'm traveling with bikes, then I work out a plan for security as part of my travel plans. If I'm traveling and didn't bring a bike, but find a place I'd like to ride while I'm out, that's when I look for rentals. If no rental, then no ride.

I still don't consider leaving a bike inside the car to be a very big upgrade in security. Cars, vans, and trucks get broken into regularly whether there's anything inside or not. Plus, leaving stuff in there all the time is going to be hard on it. Helmet wouldn't last long stored inside a car in the southern portion of the country. I've had a helmet start melting from being left in a hot car for a few hours.
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You bring up some good points, probably explains why the product hasn't advanced much over the years. Seems they have made small improvements but no major advancements. I'm in the Eastern part of the US, not blazing hot but humid, I just keep a bag full of my biking gear ready to go. Unfortunately the majority of the trails where I'm at are "bring your own bike".
I prefer to rent a bike when I travel but will only do it when the bike is decent and fairly cheap. I went to cottonwood canyon near Vegas and a bike shop on the trail rented me a bike for $125 for two Brainer. I went to Sedona last weekend and cost was roughly $175 per day but I had time for only two 4 hour morning rides. So I brought my Trance X for no cost. I own a good bag and with my delta skymiles amex I can bring a 70lb bag for free. And I have a crappy McAllen bike rack that weighs about 10lb, I bring it along with a decent cable lock but keep my bike in the room at night.

No way I'd travel with a foldable bike, im kill it in the first 30 mins.
Wondering if you bought the Montague? If so, how is it working for you?

I have little storage space and my MTB was swiped from the shared garage in our apartment building, so I'm thinking along the same lines. I have experience with a Bike Friday folding city bike, so I understand the trade-offs. But I've never ridden a folding MTB.
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