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Maybe it's just me but:
The monster has 200mm of travel so I have that much stanchion exposed below the lower crown.
The manual says the crowns must be clamped on the part of the stanchion that is larger in diameter.
If i leave 200mm exposed below the lower crown then the lower crown is partially clamped on the larger diameter area of the stanchion but about a 1/4" of the lower crown is on the smaller diameter area of the stanchion.
Does this matter? Did what I said even make any sense?
I guess the lower crown is clamped good enough, I hope so because i know i don't want to hit the seals onto the lower crown when i use all my travel or worse, hit the tire on the crown

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NO NO NO. move your lower crown 2-3mm below the line that seperates the larger and smaller areas. The Monster only has 190mm of actual travel, the other 10mm is negative travel. Your crowns should not be on the smaller area of the stantion, EVER, it voids the warranty if it is.

Trust me I know it's confusing. I called Marz because it didn't make sense to me ethier. But this is how they explained it to me and it makes sense/ Because when you remove both top caps and compress the fork it doesn't come close the line, leaving enough space for the crown and 2mm space. Hope this helped.
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