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Finally had a chance to take my new 19" MC Flight 29er out for her inaugural spin. Everything was stock except some new Time Atac pedals.

Bike: This was my first time on a SS, or a 29er, so I don't have anything to compare to. That said I thought the bike was a BLAST to ride. It seemed to carve turns well and just flat roll over stuff. The frame looks great. The bike is well spec'd and everything worked very well.

SS: Man, the first climb was tough. Now I know why SS beat everyone up the hill - you have half the weight and twice the gear. It's like trying to climb on your regular full suspension bike in 5th gear, except you are on a much lighter bike. But I really liked the simplicity of only having 1 gear. I really struggled with the 20T in the back, but once I get into condition, I can see me swapping for the18T or even 16T so I can faster on the flats.

After my ride my legs were really worked. I can tell that riding SS is really going to make me a strong, strong rider.

29er: What a trip! Who needs suspension when you have 29" wheels. It almost felt like I was on a 3" or 4" fullsuspension bike . I'm really diggin' the 29er thing.

Brakes: I road to the top of a hill and broke the Avid brakes in. They felt great after setting them. They did a nice job of stoping my 230lb ass.

Pedals: I love these Time Atacs. When you snap in it feels and sounds terrific. There's alot of float in these pedals too.

Tires: These Ignitors really hook up and roll nicely. This is coming from a guy that used 2.5 Nevegals on my full sus bike. But I'd like to get a wider tire that has more volume so I can let the air out and have some more give in the front. 2.55Weirwolf LT should fit the bill.

Fork: 29" wheels makes riding a rigid bike comfortable. However, I think at some point I'll put a suspension fork on the front.

Jumping: Forget it. I tried a couple small jumps and it's not pleasant. No suspension means no give and a bone jarring landing. Keep these tires on the trail.

Bottom line: I really enjoyed riding this bike. My other bike is an 06 Enduro with 6" travel front and back. The reality is that most of the trails I ride around the Bay are don't require 6" of travel. A light 29er SS is perfect for the groomed singletrack around here. I'm putting larger tires on the Enduro and upgrading to the Fox 36 VAN and that will be my N*/downieville/Soquel Demo bike. :thumbsup: This Monocog will be a great XC bike to get in good shape with!
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