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monocog commuter and winter trainer- what it does best

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Here are a couple pictures (requested) of my Monocog setup-

'07 17.5"
stock wheelset shod in nokian 294s, hutchinson piranha 34s or my oldest set of racing ralphs
hayes brake levers with mx-2 disc front and deore v rear (removing rear most likely)
stock crankset and headset for now- planning on wearing these out, maybe won't
38t "fuji" chainring w. "custom" bashguard (cut down 44t chainring)
17t tomicog (fixed gear)/18t free
kmc chain
marin "lite" seatpost from my '96 Pine Mountain
1962 Brooks saddle
specialized stem and bars with graphite bar ends-- also ritchey grips then everything covered in bar tape (this is huge for winter riding)
crank brothers quattro sl pedals

I purchased this bike because I was desperately in need of something cheap that I could ride in the winter. My initial intentions were to commute and train with it winters only and to ride it on trails sometimes in the summer. I quickly decided it really shined as a commuter, but was little fun to actually ride on the trails (I'm spoiled by my other bikes- but not all of them are expensive either. I just think the monocog is too "trucklike" handling and feel to be "fun" for me offroad for long). I ended up tearing down my summer commuter and building it up into a 26" SS instead because it is a more fun 'just for fun' bike and so this will see continuous commuter duty.


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nice thanks for posting. this is what i want to do with a cog.
How did you mount the rack. the pics are a little too dark to see clearly. I want to get a rack put on mine.

bottom is drilled and bolted top is hose clamp/zipties/duct tape... it works

come spring i'll be having proper tabs welded on and will be repainting
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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