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Just finished a rideable version of my monocog with gears on it. I've been riding it to do errands and just needed more gears. I'm starting longer rides too and I want to see if a bailout gear will let me ride longer. I kind of did this with parts that I could get cheap. If I like gears I'm going to order up a wheel with a real hone hub, cogs from a new cassette and probably Paul Thumbies. It actually only has 5 usable gears. the 32/14 combo is like going from your granny gear to your smallest cog and the chainline doesn't like that. I've ridden it around the block extensively but heading out right now on a ride on the trails. Any Comments and Suggestions are welcome. This is a first draft so if you see a problem let me know.

Suntour friction shifter
Shimano Hone Derailleur
32 tooth stock chainring
36 tooth Blackspire chainring will keep the chain on the 32 tooth. I only use this ring on the street
n-gear Jumpstop
3 rear cogs on the Monocog Hub
24t bailout.
15t screw-on cog

Thanks to everyone on the forums. I had a crapload of stupid questions and everyone was very cool about answering them. This is a great place to get information especially if you're putting unorthodox parts on it. Here are some pics.


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BrandonNorCal said:
Works flawlessly, multispeed still sucks, Changing back to singlespeed.
Congrats Brandon! Looks like it works great, I was going to go that route too with the same kind of set-up until Redline announced the Flight :D , made it easier for me.

I like the chain minder, I use a guitar pick sandwiched with a reflector collar on the 1X9.

This is giving me an idea to do a double-dingle. I would keep it singlespeed; one for uphill and one for downhill. Maybe a 32X20 and a 39X16 (or something, I haven't calculated the gear inches yet)
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