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Mongoose Wing super or Iron Horse Maverick Pro?

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Well I've been out of moutain biking for a while but I'm looking to get back in. I need a good quality FS bike that is kind of allmountain as my riding is in between XC and DH.

I'm looking to spend under $500, so I think I've narrowed it down to the 2005 mongoose Wing Super ( Or the 2006 Iron Horse Maverick Pro DS (Or Maverick XC? I'm not sure I understand the real difference).

Any opinions are appreciated, thanks in advance!
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um, okay, does anyone at least have an opinion on any of those? thanks.
If you save up a bit more you can get the Iron Horse Warrior trail, which is a really sweet bike.
Price 649-10%= $585

That is a whole lot of bike for that price.

Check it out

-10%? If I could get it for 585 that might be doable. And it does look like a pretty sweet bike, I was looking at that warrior trail pic thread in the Iron Horse forum... Badass :D
That is a great bike for trail riding. I have the pro and it does great on the ups and the downs. The Sram drivetrain is top notch and tons better than anything shimano. Yeah there's always a 10% off for prefeormance.
They usually have an updated coupon.

Just noticed its a lot cheaper on RScycle website
They have it listed as 559. You also get free shipping and a free pack of a bunch of stuff.
rs4th code for the free stuff it ends the 9th of july.

Thats a sweet deal there.

Just make sure you get the right size and that it fits what you will be riding.

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thanks for the link. One question though, how well does the single pivot work? I had been under the impression that they sucked for climbing.
If i sit down there is no bobbing at all from the rear of my Warrior pro. I can also stand up and hammer in the middle chain ring in front without any bob. If i stand up in the little chainring then the back will bob and loose some grip, of course that is fixable if you keep a steady motion, instead of a viscious hammer. The Pivot works great for all around riding.

Of course, the Warrrior pro has a fox vanilla R shock on it with Pro pedal. But i'm sure that you won't have too much trouble even with the X fusion one, as long as you have the right spring rate for your weight.

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