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mongoose dx 3.3 mountain bike

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i have a mongoose dx 3.3 mountain bike that i would like to install a cheap front shock on the front forks. i bought the bike about 10 years ago it works great but i dont like the solid front fork. i dont want to spend a fortune on because it is not worth it but i can not afford a new bike right now. were can i find a suspension front fork that will fit my bike. Thanks
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If this is your bike, you'll need to find a 1" threaded fork - which is kinda hard...
(Old marzocchis and some 'newer' RSTs IIRC)

FWIW a (longer) suspension fork might mess up the bike's geometry pretty good.
And it my be kinda stressful on the HT junction (though it's steel - so who knows)
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it looks like my bike the only difference is mine is blue. thanks for the info.
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