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The weekend of Jan 6th and 7th Mongoose had a ride demo of their 2007 offerings at Ray's Mountain Bike Park:

This was awesome I was able to test ride the EC-D, EC-X, Black Diamond Triple, Teocali, etc...and it was really a test ride, not just, "push on the suspension, ride around the parking lot" - I could see how well they pedaled on the XC course, bash and pedal through the rock section in the sport course, hit the drop-offs, and compare head angles on the various logs and skinnies in the expert section.

It was very cool to ride the bikes back-to-back for comparison.

I also gotta say I was very impressed with the 2007 Black Diamond Triple. Here is a bike that was not even on my short list, the spec. looked good, but I was not too sure about air suspension, and the Freedrive suspension - well a demo ride changed all that, and I'm SOLD - I've been scheming various ways to afford one ever since :D

Anyways, manufacturers bring your bikes out to Ray's for Demo rides, then again, maybe not, I'm not sure my wallet could handle it :p
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