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Beginning this upcoming Monday night, April 11, I'll be hosting a regular mountain bike group ride every Monday night that should last through the summer and fall. I say "hosting" because all I'm committed to do is to show up and be ready to ride with a group. I doubt I'll be fast enough to "lead" any of these rides! This is technically a Lost River Cycling ride, but all experienced riders are invited. (I decided to go through Lost River to get more publicity. By "experienced," I don't intend this to be a beginner ride in terms of pacing or trail selection. There are already two regular weekly Lost River "recreational" rides that are open to beginners, but I've found those rides to be a little slow and short for my tastes.)

Meet time/place is 6:15 at Parilla Grill in Hyde Park, with the aim to get rolling around 6:30. I don't intend to set the ride route in advance, but rather get suggestions from the group and go from there - probably hitting all the usual stuff throughout the summer - Hard Guy, Corrals, Bob's, Hull's Ridge, Hull's Gulch, Sidewinder, Freeway, Connector, Reserve, Shanes, 3 Bears, Trails 5/6, Devil's Slide, Scott's, etc., with the occasional ride up on the Stack Rock stuff when it gets hot... I'm thinking 1.5 to 2.5 hour rides, with the main goal of drinking beer afterwards at Lucky 13. Hope some or all of you can make it to some or all of the rides.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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