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Monday Flagstaff Shuttles

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:thumbsup: A few of us are going to go hit Flag for some DH on Monday, or maybe Mingus. We r going to shoot for Flag though. If anyone wants to come let us know. So far its me and Latedrop Bob for sure. The more the better!!!
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I'm in!!! Maybe some pausch or scooter...Benko get er dun!!! The more the merrier:)
We're thinking of heading up from Abq tomorrow? How's the weather?

dont know but I live in phx and its super hot here. Flag is probley in the 70's.
Forecast is showing 40% chance of rain per weather underground. How does rain affect the trails? What is the local weather forecast?
makes thm less dusty and tacky. Can make some areas slick but thats the fun :)
flag holds well from rain, the trails are in great condition after a little soaking, not much slippage or muddage, just pure shreddage
Thanks for that. We are going to do a longish loop and end at PR. We might hit you guys up for a shuttle or two if time permits. Is that cool? I'm sure we can come up with some sort of compensation. Whats your poison?
Yeah, if we got room we'll definetly give you an uplift. I love a nice cold root beer...mmm. We'll probably just be playing around on eldon and then maybe head over to schultz for a ripper at the end of the day. We'll be the ones in a red tacoma with all the DH bikes hanging off the tailgate:)
Is there an A&W nearby. I love a good RB Float! (chased with a shot of whiskey;) )

We'll be in a teal F150 reg cab. Hope to see you guys tomorrow.
oh wait a minute...tomarrow is not monday, it's saturday. we'll be up there on monday as the thread suggests. Maybe we got crosscommunicated. Anyways...have fun!!!
Reading was never my best subject...thanks anyway.
It's on like donkey kong...full truck load heading up the hill tomarrow am. picks and hilarity to follow...Enjoy your monday at work!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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