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Mon. or Tues. Ride

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Just as the title reads. Just about any time, except not too early on monday. Going out with the fellas Sun. Night!

I'm up for any trail, just as long as it's not too technical. I'm in good physical shape, but don't have the technical skills to yet go with it, as I'm just getting back into biking.

Anyone game for a ride along the front range, preferably western denver front range area.

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I'm down for a ride Mon.What time ya thinkin about?Any specific ride you want to do?
Probably around noon on monday? I don't care about the route. Anything is fine, three sisters, golden gate, you name it.
1200 sounds good.Thinkin Matthews Winters tho if thats ok. I have got some stuff to do tomorrow and probably need to keep the ride a little shorter.Let me know.
I'll be at Elk Meadow around noon, the trail head off of stage coach. I left a knife on the trail yesterday and need to return and get it.

You game?
sorry man kinda got a late start.thinkin just gonna hit dakota ridge in a little bit.gotta run a bunch of errands today. I have thurs and fri off tho.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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