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I actually looked at that on Friday and said to myself 'no way'. Then I see this!:madman:

Edit: I am for sure headed down there on Tues afternoon with an old friend of mine, Nate. May take Tye to have him practice on the beginner run.

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Thanks Mark! I guess I need to check the Ellsworth forum more often.
It was a great ride again with you guys. :thumbsup:

Anna and I have been riding past that stuff for years, never thinking twice about it.
It's the combination of the posts from Bryan and the Bandoleros as well as me you and Keith pushing each other that has led to all of us having a lot of fun out there.

Can't wait to get out again! :D

I'm with you on the DJ stuff. I think I'd make a better spectator than a participant. :eek:


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