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First I would like to say how much I love my Moment! It rides like a dream:D

I was just wondering if anyone else had the same problem that I encountered? After about 3 weeks of riding the bike I noticed the the rear trianglr bolts, sex bolts and the small bolts, started to loosen. After heavy investigation, removing the rear treiangle, I found that the lower bearings and a couple of the bigger bearings went bad. And I do mean bad! This would obviously make the bolts back out.

I am a big guy, I weigh 270 at 6'3. I hope my weight didn't have anything to do with it?????

I ended up calling Ellsworth, and they were awesome!!! I sent my entire rear triangle back, and had a new one in less than 2 weeks.
The problem seems to be taken care of:thumbsup:

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