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Hi guys just wondering if anyone knew the answer to this? Ihave a DHX5 shock on the rear of my Moment and i've been playing about a bit with the propedal setting.What i was wondering was do you loose any small bumb sensetivity when you start winding in propedal.I can't understand how it would be as responsive cos i suppose the shock gets stiffer to compress the more propedal you give it.I'm not saying the bike doesn't pedal well for me its just that on the climbs with a bit of propedal on (5 clicks) it feels nice and firm to pedal but its a pain taking it off again when you come to a decent,maybe if i understood a bit better how the shock works i would'nt be asking this,and as for the chamber you can put air in i'm totally baffled.
Cheers ;)

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Pro Pedal is a form of low speed compression damping that really just dampens any "low frequency" movement like pedalling. Decreasing your PP will lessen the compression damping and thus give you a more supple ride. The great thing about ICT though, is that it was designed to tune out pedal forces from the get go. PP just adds to that design. So even if you drop all the PP, the bike should still pedal well.

The air chamber, from what I understand, adds some progressive action to the coil shock so that it doesn't bottom out. It can be set up to be very progressive for big hits (like freeriding) or less for trail riding. Consider it "high speed compression damping".

Others might be better versed on this and there's a lot of info on the Shocks Forum and the Turner Forum. I've not yet got mine too tuned up. Even yesterday I realized I was running a ton of PP! I didn't even know it... :eek:

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Lets try

Let me try to help ( I am not a shock expert )

First this shock is awesome once it is dialed in..

The pro-pedal is a platform that limits suspension until it passes the set mark.. So When you set pro-pedal high you looses small bump sensitivity until the "bump" is hard enough to pass thee limit thus activating the shock.

I would recommend that you have the pro-pedal in the middle setting. With the ICT and on the Moment I feel that an active suspension while climbing is fine (if you are encountering bumps) I think once you get used to it you will like it..

Is this your first fully active rear end? It does feel different than a single piviot.

As for the air chamber that is the boost valve and is the bottom out adjustment. I like it because I like the shock active, and I do allot of drops on the trail I have NEVER felt this shock bottom out, when it compresses at a certain rate (depending on where you have it set) this boost valve ads pressure slowing the shock and making it feel bottomless…

Hope that helps

It took me about 3 rides to get mine where I liked it but now it rocks

Of course everything I said could be wrong :p but it is how I figured mine out

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