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Mojo?convince me!

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My 2 choices were Yeti 575 or Santa Cruz Nomad.Nomad was my choice for my AM build until I seen the Mojo(also reccomended by a member in the SC section).Aside from it being a work of art,why should I choose the Mojo over a Nomad?
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socalMX said:
Nomad was my choice for my AM build until I seen the Mojo
That should be all of the convincing that you need. :p

Other than that, I don't have anything constructive to add. I'm more XC than AM. :D
I was following your posts in the SC forum and Yeti forum and I assume you are meaning the Mojo HD. I don't believe anyone here owns one yet since they are not due to release till March. But in my eyes Ibis has the best customer service in the biz and that alone is worth a lot.
Not the HD,the frame im looking at is a 08.Im 6-1 and its a XL.Are Ibis frames made on the smaller side,or a little big?
I normally keep my frames for about 3 years and then I am usually ready for something new. I just sold my 2007 MOJO and started looking for a new frame. I looked at the Santa Cruz Blur LTc, Yeti 575, Yeti AR5c, Intense - basically all the 'cool' stuff available. Well, I just received my 2010 MOJO Guiness foam. That should be enough convincing right their! Service is undeniably the BEST. I could have gotten any frame available - I couldn't think of anything I wanted more then another MOJO. First ride this weekend on my second MOJO!
socalMX said:
Not the HD,the frame im looking at is a 08.Im 6-1 and its a XL.Are Ibis frames made on the smaller side,or a little big?
XL will be right for you.

Need some convicing, go here: and read through all the threads. Lots of good stuff. :D
Pick any thread under Ibis, and read. That should convince you. You might also search for "nomad mojo" and there will likely be a hit or two of comparisons. Mojo can do anything the Nomad can do AND anything the Blur Carbon can do. It's like three bikes in one, with no compromises. Oh, and customer service is several steps above even the best out there.
Nomads a different bike altogether with over an inch more travel and slacker geometry. Due to the stiff (crappy) VPP suspension many people believe it to be a great trailbike since it feels stiff when you pedal it. The problem is there is no need for DH/AM geometry and that amount of travle for most average trail riders. The mojo is lighter, nimbler and crisper than a Nomad.

Now the Nomad "might" be a better option than a Mojo if you need a real AM bike that you could also barely qualify as a DH bike. The Mojo will never be a DH bike and is not an aggresive All Mountain bike.

Like somebody else mentioned the new Mojo HD will be much closer to comparing to a Nomad. Where are you from and what kind of trails do you ride?
ilostmypassword said:
ooooh flexy......
Being more flexy will not make you slower if you have stiff wheels and fork, only give it a different feel. Some people don't like that feel, understandable.
I gave you the hint on the HD because of what you said, you want light but strong, you want to climb well but flow down with no problems. Taking the two choices you gave (Nomad and 575 - I own a 575) the Nomad seems more like the bike you want. But if you really want the blend of light weight and strengh, the new HD looks like the new winner. I also have a Mojo SL, and damn, it's good. The DW link is somewhat surprising. If you try bounce it down by pressing over the shock, you won't see much of a movement, it moves slightly down, and while pedaling you don't feel like you are on a jumping bed. But jump, or take a big hit and you will fell the suspension swallowing that, like if it had an inch more of travel. Plus, I don't know what are the stiffness issues people usually report here, I never felt that, so reganding this then, my 575 is a wet noodle compared to the Mojo. So, when the HD showed up, it really made me think about this new type of bike, an evolved AM bike, a bike with less than 27 lbs and 160mm front and rear.

Yodi is right about the difference on geo numbers and travel for trail and AM bikes, because you have to learn to ride with 160mm of travel and a slacker HT angle, it is very different - but only if you are a XC rider; if you ride bikes with 5+ inches already, you are more likely to enjoy having more travel than hate it. I love long travel bikes and I love the way they feel. I hate stiff suspension bikes as hell, I'd rather be on HTs, so I have HTs and long travel bikes, nothing in between. I once had the chance to ride a Ransom LTD, barely over 30lbs. That was amazing. The trails I ride were something else, I never felt so free over a bike like I felt that day. I felt like Superman. But take on climbs was different. Not worse, only different. You simply can't get on the pedals and smash it, it will do no good and you will fade in no time. So, I guess I can take one little compromise when climbing for a perfect ride everywhere else.

But now the Mojo HD, with its DW link system, I guess it will simply make that long climbs way less compromising than on any other lightweiht long travel bike. Taking on climbs with the 575 is just fun and fairly easy, considering it's 2pounds heavier than the SL, has a bit more travel and a longer wheelbase, all combined with the ASR single-pivot. But the Mojo simply climbs better and has a more effective suspension work when going downhill, period. Considering all that, the Mojo HD seems like the perfect bike. At least for me. More yet if you think that a regular Mojo will have near the same HT and ST angles as the HD with the same forks (68ºHT for 150mm forks and 67ºHT for 160mm forks - the 69ºHT mark is for 140mm forks), what makes the HD even more interesting.
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When will the HD be available?I feel I can sacrafice a little in climbing,if its tougher its just a better workout!My current Marin MV climbs well and I will probably take a loss there.
I have had both bikes you are looking at. The Santa Cruz Nomad was the best bike I ever owned. I have had 9 different frames in the past 2.5 years. Bike junkie you could say. I had a Mojo SL last year. I took to Moab and Fruita and general riding here in Colorado. The frame was very sweet but rear-end flexy. I didn't like that so I sold the frame. Now the HD is probably what I'm looking for.The Nomad is awesome but I got tired of pushing around a 30lb bike. Now I'm doing the 29er thing and loving it. I'm building slowly a 25lb Ibis SL 26er just to fill the void in my collection. So the HD is the new carbon bling and IBIS is the best company to work with.The Nomad is older but still in my book a very sweet frame. Watch out Ibis if SC makes a carbon Nomad......
dancruz said:
....Watch out Ibis if SC makes a carbon Nomad......
Yes that might make the Nomad as stiff as the standard Mojo with Lopes link.
socalMX said:
When will the HD be available?I feel I can sacrafice a little in climbing,if its tougher its just a better workout!My current Marin MV climbs well and I will probably take a loss there.
First batch will be delivered this March, so you better hurry and order soon. Guess there will be huge lines since it's already a big hit.
Well I just purchased a white large Nomad frame with a Manitou Evolver ISX-6 shock.The rear flex of the Mojo scared me off.Probably something I would have been o.k with but you never know.Mojo looks sweet though!
Mine has no flex at all- in fact, it is stiffer than my 575 and any other bike I have riden. And I'm heavy at 200lbs with all my gear on. But guess that's depends on the rider's opinion. But I wouldn't have worried about the flex. You should have taken one for a spin and see if it was good for you. But the Nomad is a good bike too, either way you would have done fine.
I am now on my second MOJO - the rear flex does not exist. Congrats on the Nomad, great bike and great suspension also.

I ride a 09 XL with
Lope's Links
Hope 10mm bolts on Stan's flow
Hope 15qr hub with Stan's flow
09 Fox Vanillia 140m RLC 15qr

Thomson post and stem
Race face Next carbon lowrise

I weigh 250 including gear. Ride it hard in Utah. I crash more than I should and drops up to 4 feet.

Love to ride the mojo
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To me, the front and the rear of the Mojo are flexy, after riding some vicious rock gardens in San Luis Obisbo yesterday it was quite apparent. I had never felt the flex as much riding more smooth dirt singletrack (well smooth compared to this shyt) but the rock gardens were really really rocky and fast and you could totally feel the bike flexing all around front and rear. Basically you just had to float the bike over all the rocks, doing 20-25mph just letting it rip.

The thing is though,is that I was still railing it fairly quickly, more stifness would of possibly given me a little more confidence for sure but honestly I don't ride rocky stuff (I mean really really rocky) that often so its a fair compromise. The frame 90% of the time feels totally awesome.

Also I would put money on it, that Brian Lopes and Ibis worked hard to make the new HD stiffer, because the regular Mojo is flexy and that is something that could be improved upon. But don't let it scare you away, its still stiffer than a lot of other aluminum frames (cough cough.....Nomad...) and for the majority of riding it is not a detriment, In fact its likely that the frame giving a bit is why it also rides so smoothly, absorbing hits and blows making it a more comfortable and in control ride.
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