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Modifying MRP 1.x to fit bashguard?

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Here's the deal: Just bought a new Chumba XCL and built it up, deciding to go 1x9 in the process. I've got XT cranks with a 32T middle ring and 34T BBG bashguard. I bought a BB mount Blackspire Stinger but it's too loud and I'm gonna ditch it.

I like the looks of the MRP 1.x but they say it's designed to work without a bashguard. I'm intent on keeping my bashguard, so here's my question:

It appears as though the 1.x is two pieces bolted together (I think). Is there any reason why I couldn't add spacers and longer bolts to increase the width between the two plates?

I'm talking about the BB mount version for what it's worth.


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just remove the outer cage and use some spacers with the inner plate. all you need is prevent the chain from coming off the top. the bash will act like the outer plate
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