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Hey folks,

I just confirmed with Bina Bilenky that I will be giving a seminar at the Philly Bike Expo (PBE) on Modern Bicycle Design & Engineering for the Framebuilder. It's only an hour, another 1/2 hour available if I run until the doors close for the day.

Hopefully, it will be recorded and a bunch of folks will be there to hear and ask fancy questions.

Title: Modern bicycle design & engineering for the framebuilder
Time: Saturday, November 6 2021, 4:30pm - 5:30pm
A short lecture on the basic principles and methods for modern and progressive bicycle design with an emphasis on use in dirt.
Because this topic would far exceed the time allotted, the talk will scan the methodological concepts and meanings without going into too much granular detail.
Ideal for framebuilders looking to take advantage of state of the art performance developments in modern bicycle design.
Q&A to follow as space allows.

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