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Moab vacation

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Hi there any suggestion for the cheapest and better place to rent for a 5 to 10 persons group for a week in end of august approx.

Thanks Rich!
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Check out

You can fit your whole group in one of their units.
Thanks , what a memory we were at gramma's house 10 years ago, group from Quebec province, Canada , we will perhaps make there again (10 years after as we promess ourself back then)...

Moab tips:

Do Slick Rock day one and get it out of your system. Once you get on the "real" trails - like Porcupine Rim and Amasa Back - Slick Rock will see like tame "roadie training."

Do the Whole Enchilada at some point

Do drink ALL the microbrews at Moab Brewery. They are as good as the trails.

The Chili Pepper Bike Shop has a cooler staff and will give better advice and service than Poison Spider.
Try posting in the Utah sub forum. Why you posted in commuting escapes me.:rolleyes:
I don`t know why it`s in Commuting either, but he does seem to be getting some advice. Besides Utah section (which likely has a sticky on that subject) I think there`s another forum about travel destinations. Have a great trip- wish it were me.
i posted there my question because i misunderstood the meening of commuting (i'm french canadian) and i first thought of putting it in utah forum but change my mind anyhow i did receive nice advice or suggestion. Richard
Welll, whatever works. Welcome to the forum, by the way.
Oh- and I checked the Utah forum. Thery do have a sticky on Moab trip planning that might give you some more tips.
Eh, bien.

Avez un bon temps a Moab. C'est plus magnifique.
Merci , j'ai deja hate. By the way if you plan a trip up northeast you should try our trails in Quebec Laurentide areas, sceneries perhaps not as good (more tight and sometime humid , but making riding as fun for different reasons , mix of trails of for good aearobic and technical skill , suitable for intermediate to expert riders.
search for aparments in Moab. many landlords rent out appartments short term.

My wife and I rented a 2 bedroom place for 2 weeks It was way cheaper than a hotel room. Our place had a kitchen, 2 full bedrooms, a pull out sofa and bunkbeds in the livingroom.
I guess being at least 7 guys , we are too much, if cancellation happen then i'll look for that
Thank you
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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