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I've never ridden the Moab area and am scheduled to race Moab Rocks in about 6 weeks. I have several sets of tires that I can run and am curious to see what the advice is for this area and race. I have 2.4 Rekon Race, 2.4 Apsens, 2.4 Rekons, 2.35 Mezcals, all can be on 29-30mm inner 29er rims. I've ran Mezcals and other fast type tires before in Utah with good success for True Grit. I'm kinda guessing any tire will grip on the rock and that more volume the better for Moab and the sand on the fireroads? I'm leaning Aspen 2.4 and bring a back up set with Rekon Race/Rekon?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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