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Put new shiny bike parts on my bike and took it for a New Year's ride. Rode solo since I didn't have much time to be away from home.

The trail was in superb condition and so was the bike.

Up close and personal with the new front end:

New stuff consists of a Chris King headset, Tompson stem, Easton bar, Pace carbon fork (lovely, smooths out the bumps well, almost like a suspension fork), Avid discs, and DT wheel (240S hub with DT rima nd spokes).

She rides beautifully!

pretty pics!

i didn't get any new bike parts for xmas. i got a nice bike stand though :)

i think i may have to wait till my b-day to get my 29er. hope the time goes by FAST!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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