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MK3 - Anyone run a 100mm fork?

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Looking for a versatile 5" trail bike for XC/high mileage rides, I really like the 08 MK3 frame. Has anyone run a 100mm fork? Does this void mfr warranty? I have a 07 Fox F100x fork that I want to use.

I'm 5'11, looking at the 19" frame. Any recommendations on the frame size too? I appreciate your opinions/feedback.
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You can if you like having a 71.5 degree head angle and your BB dropped 1 inch.
Handling will suffer and you will get pedal strikes galore. When the trail points down, look out!

Edit: my numbers were off.
That's darn precipitous; I wouldn’t take that chance! Thanks
Go with an MkIII with a Pike, or a Revelation.

You can crank the Pike down from 140 to 110. I can tell, I've done some long rides with long climbs where that travel adjust option was DEFINITELY helpful.

Plus, on the way down, you get 5.5" of front travel (140mm) to soak up all the bumpies.
My wife has a 120mm fork on her 07 and I needed a headset externalizer to keep the HA at 70 degrees.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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