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MK2 Nomad in Ano Slate

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I'm trying to find some good images of the current Ano Slate frame as the picture on the Santa Cruz site doesn't really show the colour very well.

Has anyone got one or have any pics that clearly show the colour?

Also, what's the Ano like for durability and cleaning compared to paint?

I'm in the UK by the way so not sure if there is a difference between Euro spec and USA..?

Many thanks

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Santa cruz dont do ano frames anymore (unless you can find a shop with one in stock).
Thanks for the reply but looking at the UK site they show this:

To me it looks matt black but not sure?
Sorry, you need to go on the builder and select Ano Slate. I thought the link would go to the one I selected but it went to the front page.
Guess it's out of date, check the US site for latest powdercoat (only) colours.

They discontinued ano a while ago, there's a number of threads on here explaining why.
Ok, will do. So there was issues with Ano..?
bad for environment, cost of production and QA/QC...

btw, the current ano slate doesn't look anything like the ano slate (purple~ish) that came on the old Nomad. It is more grey now. Look for a pic. of it on the nomad2 picture thread.
08 ano slate

hope this helps! the color changes depending on the light.


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Cheers all. Thanks for the pic's.

Think i'm going to have to phone the uk distributer and ask if it's available.

Wanted black Ano or similar as I don't want gloss black which is what I think it is now..?
First pick gives the most accurate colour:

suntzu714 said:
hope this helps! the color changes depending on the light.
Are you sure thats a 08? The headtube looks like 1 1/8,not 1.5 like the 08s.
Early '08 runs had the 1 1/8" HT, late '08 batches had the 1.5"
Here's mine #22
I think the light in the shot shows it's colours most realistically. As someone mentioned
the colour does change slightly with light.

And I think the finish is more durable than PC.
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