Update April 6.

Oscar from Miveu sent us the latest optics for the Miveu. It is getting clearer now. Optics quality was my initial complaint as there was a bit of distortion. They're spending R&D on that part and videos and photos are getting clearer. It also allows the iPhone to autofocus better it seems.

The other cool development is there's now a handlebar mount for the Miveu. Now, it is a riskier place for your iPhone to be mounted at, but this gives another option. And it's easier to manipulate the iPhone controls and see the screen with the phone on the bar. Here's a test of the bar mount.

[youtube width="610" height="343" align="left"]httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVxrjG8T-J4&hd=1

Update: Feb 24

We got to play with the Miveu at the local trail here called Waterdog in Belmont, CA. The camera did really well as the outdoor light allowed the camera to focus and perform a bit better than indoor. The iPhone 4S camera is really surprising.

The strap mount is a bit cumbersome compared to the slick GoPro chest mount. You have to form an 'x' pattern on your back and shoulders and you have to cinch down the straps pretty tight to reduce camera shake. At the same time, you still need to be able to move your upper body freely. Elastic bands would have helped but these bands have no stretch. We couldn't tell if the camera was on, so we had to peek in there to see the phone counter running. Aim was good as we tilted the pivot ball all the way up and the angle was perfect.

All in all, we were very pleased with the video and the wide angle. Here is the unedited video of one of the descents. Select 1080p to get the best quality.

[youtube width="610" height="343" align="left"]httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU4euWR2QLU&hd=1

First Impressions: Jan 20

We took some photos and a short video of us shredding at the office with the Miveu.

[youtube width="610" height="343" align="left"]httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzpQ_Dnrsh0&hd=1

Our friend Oscar from Miveu sent us one of the very few pre-production prototypes of the Miveu system. We had a bit of trouble understanding what it was when explained over the phone. But the minute we opened the package, we had that 'aha' moment. It is an Iphone case that transforms the Iphone into a POV camera. It has a special wide-angle lens that gives the Iphone a much wider field of view. It also serves as protection for the camera in case of impact.

The other key feature of this system is a chest- mount harness that puts the iPhone right at the person's chest. The iPhone and holder lens snaps in to place and can be adjusted on a pivot ball mount to get the proper angle.There is a button on the case that allows the user to start and stop the recording once the phone is in camera mode.

The user can view the video a little bit when the camera is in position and get some idea if the camera is pointed in the right direction or not. There is a plastic mount covering most of the middle of the screen however so it's best to unmount the camera holder from the chest mount and review the video to ensure proper camera aim.

Promo video produced by Miveu (select 1080p for best quality)

[youtube width="610" height="343" align="left"]httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihoJD-uaW7M&hd=1

The Miveu system also comes with a lens cap and an extra mount to mount the camera in different locations, perhaps on a bike handlebar or other places.

This system will retail for $80 and should be available for purchase in the next few weeks.

This is our first look at this system and it's definitely interesting as it gives the iPhone user a powerful POV camera system at minimal cost.

  • One less camera if one already owns and carries an iPhone
  • Chest mount is the best angle for POV cameras and it is the most protected location
  • $80 is cheap compared to buying a $200 Contour or $300 GoPro 2
  • Has many more aplications other than biking
  • Takes advantage of all the power and camera technology of the iPhone
  • Can review videos and upload instantly
  • iPhone is an expensive piece of hardware to expose and break
  • Not waterproof
  • Chest mount is a bit cumbersome to put on.
  • Lens angle is very wide and distorted specially when not biking
  • Suffers with run-time limitations of the iPhone
So there is our first look, fresh from this morning's UPS delivery. $80 is a great deal for a very fresh idea! It works and we're thrilled that we can view our videos live and and preview them instantly unlike the GoPro and Contour. And it's one less camera to carry.