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Miticross 350 vs L&M Stella 200

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I bought one miticross 350 but want another light to comliment this one. The guy ar rei told me that the Stella 200 would be brighter than my miticross 350???? I don't see how based on lumens but who knows. The Stella is about $50 more also. The miticross appears to be pretty bright, haven't been able to use it yet due to wet weather. I like the size and good reviews on my miticross, should I just get another one, and run one on the bar and one on the helmet? I am also a person that likes to stick with one brand but want opinions on the Stella 200
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I own an L&M Stella 200, but do not own any Cygolites so I can't do a direct comparison myself.

I'm inclined to think that the sales rep at REI may actually be right. It may turn out that the L&M Stella 200 is actually brighter than the Cygolite Miticross 350.

See L&M's Light Testing Data at:

The Cygolite Tridenx is included in the tests that were done for L&M.
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