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Hi all, I've recently purchased an XL 2012 Diamondback Mission Pro frame off of ebay. I am currently in the process of choosing how to piece it together and am trying to figure out my suspension components for it.

A little info on myself, I'm 6'3" and ~150 pounds so not a massive amount of weight pushing on the frame. I am building this for some All mountain/freeride and the occasional DH sprint when I can travel to some hills. I will also be doing some dirt jumps locally at a built up section in a state park.

I am trying to get feedback if I can put a 7" dual crown on this frame. From Diamondback they had a supposed 6-6.3" SC travel and look like a beefy headtube/top tube/down tube joint. With a HA of 65 degrees, I was thinking of trying to run this as standard to start with and maybe eventually pick up an angleset to sit it down at about 63.5 degrees. Does anyone see a problem with this?

My other question is really only relevant should I be able to put a DC on this frame. If I go 7" travel in the front, is there a problem running the standard 6.3" (160mm) travel rear shock or will this difference cause negative handling effects/damage?

Here is the frame set link: Diamondback Bicycles - 2012 Mission Pro Frameset - All Mountain
And here is the complete bike spec for reference: Diamondback Bicycles - 2012 Mission Pro

Thanks for any advice and help,
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