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Missing battery @ Aliso...anyone find it?

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Long story short, I just realized that I'm missing the battery to my brand new MiNewt 700, and after tearing my truck apart multiple times, I'm afraid it fell out on the road in front of the church parking lot near the aliso creek trail. In the event that anyone found it and is good enough to return it, I would happily give them a very deserved reward for their honesty.

It makes me sick to lose such a thing...especially since my wife saved up for quite a while to be able to get it for me, and because it was BRAND NEW. If you (or someone you know) might have found it, please call my on my cell. Thanks a bunch, and God Bless.

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What trails did you ride? I go out there often and will keep my eye out for you
I'm guessing it fell out of the truck when i opened up the car and got my other equipment out of the back seat...and i was parked directly in front of the church in the area that is technically "red", but everyone parks there anyway.
Battery was found...thanks to everyone who volunteered to keep an eye out.
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