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misfit contacts

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Hey-i have sent e-mails to Misfit,have customers interested in their bikes.Been weeks,no reply! Not bustin' on them-just wondering if they check emails? If anyone knows how to reach them through dealer channels-Message me.

Thanks in advance!
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All I know is I want a medium dissent (AL) and can't find one!
Peter is probably enjoying the holidays... or making himself a holiday... no worries, I will let him know.
This is the best way to reach the czar: Home telephunkin number: 416.779.3827

P.S. persistence is best it makes him feel loved...
I believe Peter is doing some double secret testing of a DisSent titanium prototype that he will pass on to me for the next phase of testing.

Peter do you need my addy?:thumbsup:

Good things take time. Or cost an outrageous amount of money.
Thanks y'all!
Will use this info wisely next week!
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